Perilous Edibles | 5 Poisonous Foods That Pose Lethal Threats

Hariom Kumar
Poisonous Foods
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Unveil a treacherous culinary world. Explore 5 lethal poisonous foods, their risks, and safer alternatives. Beware the dangers they conceal.

There are foods that are healthy and their foods that are unhealthy but then there are some daily foods that are extremely toxic for the body. In this article I am going to share with you 5 common foods backed by both Ayurveda and modern science which are so poisons that they can make you seriously ill or can even be deadly. So without any further delay, let’s get started. Poisonous Foods

Bitter Bottle Gourd poisonous foods

When we think of the healthiest vegetables, better bottle crosses the mind. Light and cooling on the stomach rich in fibre and antioxidants it is often used in the treatment of skin problems, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and fat loss. however, if the bottle guard turns out to be bitter in taste forget the benefits it can rather be fatal for the body.

Poisonous Foods

Time and again it has been provin that bitter bottle guard contains certain toxic compounds ingesting which can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, shock and even death.
In 2018 a 41 year old Pune based IT woman with no underlying medical condition succumbed to death 3 days after consuming bitter bottle guard juice. A lady from film industry landed in ICU for 2 days after consuming bitter bottle guard juice. Poisonous Foods

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A research was conducted when A 52 year old woman got seriously ill immediately after drinking bitter bottle guard juice. No antidote for its toxicity has been found till date.
Ayurveda has warmed against the damaging effects of consuming bitter bottle gourd. Recently a report by Indian council of medical research has also confirmed that consuming bitter bottle gourd can cause serious complications. So the next time you are planning to make bottle guard juice, don’t forget to cut a little piece and check that it doesn’t taste better. Poisonous Foods

Green Potatoes

Poisonous Foods

No matter which part of India you live in, potato is something you will always find in our kitchens. and why not? they are versatile. do it aloo matar ki sabji. that crispy masala dosa or spicy aloo raita.
Don’t feel guilty having them as they are packed with several vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, vitamin c and b6. But all this is true only if the potatoes haven’t turned green. Poisonous Foods

This generally happens when potatoes are kept on shelves for long under sunlight. Sometimes, they even sprout. Now, when potato turns green there is an increase in a compound called solanine. Solanine is considered a neurotoxin, and ingestion by humans can cause nausea and headache and can lead to serious neurological problem and in rare cases, even death. National capital poison center and a recent study confirmed that 450 grams of green potato is enough to make you seriously ill. Poisonous Foods

In fact, in 1969, in a school in London 78 boys became sick, with 17 of them hospitalised after eating a meal. The culprit later found were green potatoes. even cooking doesn’t eliminates it. so the next time when you reach into a sack of potatoes only to find they’ve started turned green, don’t be doubtful weather to use theme or not. It’s best to discard the green potatoes or at least remove the green part of the potatoes before you cook them.

Unset Curd

Poisonous Foods

Not just tasty, curd is strength giving and promotes digestion. however, there are times when we find that curd is not properly formed. A doubt arises. Should we consume it or not? well choose the letter. According to Ayurveda which is not properly set, which is semi formed is called Manda dahi and eating such a curd tends to block the subtle channels of the body and aggravates all the 3 doshas.

if you eat this curd can cause constipation, weight gain, allergies and stiffness in the joints. So the next time you see that the curd has not properly set, don’t consume it to damage your body instead use it to condition your hair or mix it with a little besan and haldi to make a face pack.

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Bitter Almonds

Poisonous Foods

We all know how healthy almonds are. we eat them as a snack, sometimes chewing the bitter ones that come in our mouth. never do that. you will be socked to know that the bitter almonds contain a toxic chemical which breaks down into cyanide when ingested by the body.

what cynide does is that it begins with blocking our oxygen passage. this is the reason if someone consumes even 7-8 bitter almonds you can get chocked to death. In a study, when 10 adults ingested bitter almonds, it led to the production of cyanide in their body resulting in showing down of nervous system and breathing problems.

The study thus concluded that “injection of a significant amount of bitter almonds can be toxic and potentially lethal”. It’s important to know that regular almonds. Especially the indigenous varieties get bitter when they get too old. Sometimes, manufactures tend to mix old almonds with new ones to clear their old stocks. Be a smart shopper and always try to buy the latest batch of almonds. So the next time you taste bitter while eating almonds, spit it out without bothering how expensive they are.

Food Honey

Poisonous Foods

Is honey chilli potato one of your favourite Street foods? or you add honey in very hot water with lemon to get that extra fat at your body. or you prefer using honey for baking cakes, since it’s a healthier alternative to refined crystallised sugar. no doubt raw honey contains wide variety of vitamins, minerals, protein and disease- fighting antioxidants however one important precaution that must be kept in mind while consuming honey is that it should not be heated.

yes, it is an absolute no, as mentioned in charak samhita. the reason is that honey when heated, because glue- like in texture. The molecules the tend to sticks in the digestive tract producing toxins. In fact when a modern study put this claim by charak samita to test, results where just spot on. It showed that heating honey not only destroys it’s nutritional value but also produce a poisonous substance called HMF, while nothing of this sort was founded in unheated honey.

Shockingly, when High concentration of heated honey was sprayed on bees, 100% of bee larvac died. As per National center for biotechnology consuming heated honey can lead to congestion, weight gain, respiratory issues, digestive problem and in rare cases can be fatal as well.

poisonous food

So if you want the benefits of honey, add it to tea or water which is worm and not very hot. so, there were the 5 foods consuming which can be seriously detrimental for your body. which one of these was most relatable to you? let me know in the comments. looking for hair oil that actually works? check out TAC, the Ayurveda company’s methi hair oil with Amla. turn the pack and you will find that has no mineral oil, no artificial fragrance or preservatives. with the goodness powerful hair friendly herbs like methi, Amla, bhringraj, almond and basil it is 100% natural.

A GMP certified product, try this cold pressed hair oil if you have hair fall and dandruff issues for better results, head massage with it a night before and then was it out in the morning. it is suitable for all hair types. To buy TAC’s methi hair oil with Amla click on the link in the box. don’t forget to apply the special discount coupon (ft20) to get 20% off on your order.

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