Discover the Best South Indian Breakfast Spots in Bangalore!

Vidyarthi Bhavan: Must-Try: Masala Dosa - Crispy on the outside, filled with a flavorful potato mixture. Highlight: Iconic heritage eatery with a bustling atmosphere.

CTR - Malleshwaram: Must-Try: Benne Masala Dosa - A heavenly combination of buttery dosa and spiced potatoes. Highlight: Known for its old-world charm and consistently delicious dosas.

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR): Must-Try: Rava Idli - Soft semolina idlis that melt in your mouth. Highlight: A legendary establishment with a century-old legacy.

Taaza Thindi: Must-Try: Set Dosa - Soft, spongy, and served in a set of three, perfect for breakfast. Highlight: A local favorite for its pocket-friendly prices and authentic flavors.

Brahmin's Coffee Bar: Must-Try: Filter Coffee - The perfect accompaniment to their delectable idlis. Highlight: A no-frills joint celebrated for its aromatic coffee and South Indian staples.

Vasudev Adigas: Must-Try: Pongal - A comforting dish made with rice and lentils, often seasoned with black pepper and ghee. Highlight: A chain of eateries offering a wide array of South Indian breakfast options.

Sri Sairam's Chats and Juice: Must-Try: Paddu - Small, round, and savory rice flour balls served with coconut chutney. Highlight: A hidden gem known for its unique breakfast offerings.

CTR - Malleshwaram (Different Outlet): Must-Try: Rava Vada - Crispy and flavorful semolina-based vadas. Highlight: A branch of the famous CTR, offering a diverse menu.

Halli Mane: Must-Try: Akki Roti - Karnataka-style flatbread made from rice flour, typically served with chutney. Highlight: A cozy eatery capturing the essence of traditional Karnataka breakfast.

Sri Kottureshwara Davangere Benne Dosa: Must-Try: Davangere Benne Dosa - Thin, crispy dosas with a generous dollop of butter. Highlight: Famous for bringing the flavors of Davangere to Bangalore.

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